Don’t you just love it when a blog starts out with “I was scrolling through Facebook….”?

So here I am scrolling through Facebook reading post after post about the snow predicted for the weekend. My friends list was split almost down the middle between loving the idea and hating the idea. Out of town friends in warmer climates are rubbing it in about how warm it is in their locale (or on their vacations!).

Me? I am getting more and more excited about the possibilities of a big snow. Why? Because I love to be snowed in. I love the way it brings my community together. What? Brings the community together? A big storm is the only time we are all stuck at home. We see people we might not have seen since the end of the summer. And it does something I think is great – it allows neighbors to serve each other. Whether it is digging out a neighbor who can’t do it, or inviting people in to sit around the fire and enjoy a warm drink and a s’more, it is the perfect time to invite someone to your home. Hang out, play games, or just slow down.

Who knows, this might be the first step to asking your neighbor to come to New Life with you!