Spring is here and with spring comes fresh starts, laughter, and lots of outdoor activities. Even though we had a fairly mild winter, spring is a great opportunity for you to get outside, do some yard work, have the kids run around the neighborhood with their friends, and start cooking out again.

This time of year is a great opportunity for you to start up fresh conversations with your neighbors as well. And those fresh conversations can include inviting them to come to New Life with you.

“Woah, woah, woah Tom! I can’t do that. Don’t you know that you don’t talk about church and politics with people?!? I can’t invite my neighbor to New Life. That would ruin our friendship.”

While I know that bringing up church can bring almost any conversation to a screeching halt, or at the very least make it awkward, there are some really cool things coming up at New Life that are worth inviting your friends and neighbors to! Whether it is the Largest Indoor Easter Egg Drop at the nZone, Breakfast with the Bunny at Piney Branch ES,  the Online Good Friday or Easter services, or hearing from a retired Army Ranger the week after Easter, there is something for just about everyone happening at New Life in the next few weeks.

Inviting someone to Church can be hard to do. You don’t know how they will respond to the invite. However, what you do have going in your favor is that besides Christmas services, Easter is a service that people are most open to attending.

How can you effectively invite a friend to New Life this Easter season?

1. Share one of the images below on social media. Many of you all have at least one of the main social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). Well, New Life has them as well!  You can share an image or even write something in your social media accounts. It is a great and non-threatening way to invite someone to Church.

When you share, you can mention that you are going and you’d love to have others join you.  Or, you share it on a community page that you are a part of letting people know the service times and activities at New Life. There are always people looking (whether they mention it on a post or not) for a Church to attend on Easter.  You are simply sharing what New Life is offering.

2. Invite them to church and then out to eat somewhere or an Egg Hunt after. Just like Christmas Eve where people go out to dinner after the services, many families go out to brunch after Easter services. Many families also host egg hunts at their house. A brunch or egg hunt make for an easy bridge to an invite to church!

3. Grab some Invite Cards and pass them out.  Whether you are out the grocery story, coffee shop, or in an office area, there is usually a place where business cards or community information is posted.  By taking a New Life Easter/Matthew Eversmann invite cards and posting it there, you are simply making people aware of what’s happening in their community.

4. Just ask.  Could it be awkward? Yes. Could someone say no? Sure. But who knows, maybe they’ll say yes.  Pray about who you should invite, and ask God for the words to say and how to approach it.

As mentioned above, people tend to be open to going to church on Easter.  But they don’t want to go to alone where they don’t know anyone (who does, really?).

So this year, ask God to show you who you should be inviting to New Life this Easter. Then ask someone! Wouldn’t it be great to have a friend come along with you to church and experience this great season with some great friends?

Images to download and share on social media: