There was a lot that happened the last few days of Jesus’ life. Over the course of those days, the people of Jesus had a lot to say and do while the betrayal, arrest and trial happened. As we look through a series of devotionals about Jesus and this Holy Week, there are a few challenging questions we must all answer.

Do you deny Jesus?

Peter had the chance to stand up for Jesus. After all, he promised he would never fall away. Yet, here we have Peter in Matthew 26:69-75 denying that he knew Jesus 3 times. While it may be easy to look at this story and say, “I would never deny Jesus like Peter.” While we may not deny Jesus in this particular way, do we deny Jesus in our life? Do we deny Him with our actions? Do we deny Him with our words when we don’t stand up for Jesus? This story is a reality check for all of us to see if we are willing to stake a stand for Jesus. Will you stand up for Him or deny Him? To watch the devotional on it, click here.

Who do you Choose?

The Jewish people had a choice to make. Pilate gave them a choice. They could only choose only on person to release – Jesus or Barabbas. Barabbas was in jail because he helped lead an insurrection and committed murder. He wasn’t in jail because he was accused of stealing. He committed a major crime. He was not a good guy. Yet, the Jews choose to release Barabbas instead of Jesus. Who do you choose? Do you choose to follow Jesus with all your heart or do you choose to follow other people and things. Choose to follow Jesus today. To watch the full devotional on this, click here.

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