Justin Forsett Article Done Right

January 13, 2015

As part of a new series of posts I want to share an article my dad, Ron Furgerson, featured on his blog. It’s especially relevant given our Chantilly Campus Pastor’s attachment to the Baltimore Ravens and the many fans the Ravens have at New Life…


The following excerpt is from an article by Terry Mattingly, a reporter who covers religious issues. Included in his reportage are articles written at the GetReligion.com website which reports on the manner in which topics including a religious angle are reported in the media. More often than not it seems the general media outlets either get things wrong or ignore the religious and/or spiritual aspects altogether. This particular article is about the good job the Baltimore Sun did when running an article on Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett. I hope you enjoy this article which appeared first at: www.getreligion.com as: Baltimore Sun plugs God-shaped hole in its earlier feature on Justin Forsett of the Ravens.   RMF

I realize that the Baltimore Ravens lost to Tom Brady last night in the National Football League playoffs. Nevertheless, I want to salute The Baltimore Sun for its A1 pregame profile of Justin Forsett, the who-is-that-guy tailback whose Pro Bowl-level season was one of the best feel-good stories in football this year. Period.

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