Keeping up with the Joneses

December 16, 2013

Tim and Lisa Jones are missionaries to Cincinnati, OH. Tim was on staff at New Life and we miss both he and Lisa since they moved. I recently received this update from them and wanted to share with you all.

Joneses1Hello, Family and Friends!

It’s been six months now since we jumped in with BLOC ministries…We are SOOOOO thankful for your financial and prayer support!   We’re just getting started, but we thought you might be wondering what we’ve been doing so far. We serve in two neighborhoods:

Price Hill

This where we live; one of the “hoods” of Cincy, just west of downtown.  Here is what we’ve learned about this area:

  • Some residents have never ridden in a car.
  • Some have never left the five-block area in which they’ve always lived.
  • Kids like to come to our afterschool programs.
  • Some of those kids have seen a parent shot.
  • Some of those kids have been raped by a family member.
  • Some residents have never held a regular job.
  • Some residents have never learned the basics of how to hold a job, basics like showing up on time, or even showing up the next day.

Tim Jones OPThough we live on a comparatively calm street, we still have drug dealing and at least former “working ladies” on our block.  We’ve met most of our close neighbors.

Lisa and another BLOC woman meet regularly with young mothers in the neighborhood to share their struggles, in their “Mama Said” outreach program. She is also working in the “Weightless Anchor” program which reaches out to prostitutes

Tim has gained access into Oyler High School, which is right in the epicenter of the squalor and crack trade of Lower Price Hill. We started “Oyler Performers” which meets after school to do improv games together. Our main “star” is Sam, also a basketball player.  He’s a comedic genius in the rough.  We perform in front of the student body at an assembly next week.  We’re planning a regular performing improv troupe in the spring, and Sam’s gonna be a natural!

Tim also leads a Men’s Bible Study for BLOC guys and Lisa leads the Ladies’ Bible Study fro BLOC women

Tim Jones DaveOne of the coolest stories we have is the unfolding saga of Dave. While the rest of us were on a mission trip, our son Cody spotted a homeless guy wandering the streets with his backpack.  Cody caught up to him, gave him some food and invited him to stay at our house, He then moved into the camper trailer we were keeping across the street (thanks to very generous donors).  He was an ex-marine who was down on his luck and fighting custody for his kids from an estranged girlfriend.  He started working with our BLOC construction crew (specifically designed to build work skills in such situations).  When we got back from Down Under, we fed him everyday, and got to be good friends. Now he works fulltime with the BLOC crew, is renting an apartment with another BLOC guy, and looking to get his three kids back.  He praises the Lord constantly for rescuing him from his abyss.  He’s also Cody’s main hangaround.


This little village is a 20 minute drive up the Ohio River, We were told when we came here that these were “Appalachian” folk. We wondered how there could be a pocket of hillbilly culture in the city area, but somehow, there is.  More accurately, this is what the locals describe as “white trash” – a lot of crack trade, little houses with slews of kids, each with a different dad. This is where BLOC first began reaching out to the kids in the late 90s.

Tim preaches at “The Bridge” Community Church.  We bring in about 90 or so a Sunday. Lisa is in charge of pastoral care.  She hosts a monthly prayer’n’share with the women, “Heart to Heart”.  She is also mentoring a couple of the young ladies. Every Thursday we host a community soup kitchen, feeding 50-100.

ONCE again…this is a very needy area, and without your generosity we could not minister here!  Sometimes we have prayed for the next bit of provision from God and looked in the mail to find a well-timed check…


Keep the prayers and support coming…We LOVE YOU!!!

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