Linton Hall Launches Strong

March 3, 2014

If you haven’t heard New Life relaunched our Haymarket Campus in a new school (Piney Branch) on Linton Hall Rd as the Linton Hall Campus. We have been asking you to pray and tell your friends about this opportunity in a new community. Today, as we are all hunkered down due to the snow, we want to update you on the results. Stan, the Linton Hall Campus Pastor, had the following to share the staff…

LH KidZoneHey Team,
With the offices closed today, it’s a bit harder to share about yesterday with all of you. So I thought I would at least shoot an email out to everyone and try to give you a picture of how it went.

LH Cookies

After months of hard work, I will admit that I’m a bit biased to the results yesterday. We had a lot of fun and had a great morning. We had balloons everywhere. We shot off confetti cannons at each service. Our local baker created custom “n” shaped cookies with our green logo on them. We had a huge showing of around 30 people who helped with our setup. Everything from chairs to pipe and drape, frontline, parking signs, coffee, newcomers seating area, KidZone and more.
We had our two services; one at 9:30 the other at 11am. Transitions seemed to be
smooth with newcomers at both services. Based on what I could tell, our second service was nearly 50% newcomers. That is huge for us. Newcomers were at Take 5 both services, leaving connection cards and picking up their welcome gift. It was fantastic. We prayed for God to double our attendance in one weekend and He did. Between two services we had 285 people yesterday (up from our average of around 140/145 at Battlefield).

LH Balloons

The environment was fantastic. The energy was very high. Every newcomer I saw was engaged in a conversation with a New Lifer somewhere in our Cafe area. KidZone classrooms are perfectly suited for kids in the elementary age range. I think they loved the rooms. The hallway is bright with very cool colors. The smaller environment created a critical mass feeling right away as well as an area to have conversations with people more easily.
It was an amazing morning and a lot of fun. Our next hill will be maintaining this momentum and continuing to charge ahead over the next 2-3 months. We can’t lose the momentum and energy we have. Please keep praying for us. It was a great start, but we have more to do. Still, I wanted to update everyone on how yesterday went. Thanks for all of your support and prayers over the last few months. I really appreciate it.

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