Next Steps to Make the New Year Great

January 3, 2018

new year

Every January many of us go through the same process: we set goals for things we want to do/change/accomplish so that we can make this new year the best year of our lives. And each year the goals tend to be the same.

In fact, some of the most common resolutions every year are:

  1. Spend more time with family and friends
  2. Exercise more and get in shape
  3. Stop smoking or drinking
  4. Get out of debt
  5. Learn something new

As great as these resolutions are, I wonder what would happen in our lives if we make our goals for the New Year centered on taking a step of faith or pursuing Christ more? What would happen in our lives if we joined a Bible Study or Life Group where we build some new friendships that help us in our lives? What could be different in our lives if we went on a mission trip sometime this year?

Here are some next steps to try:

  • A YouVersion Bible Study. The YouVersion Bible App has a ton of great Bible studies geared from kids to adults that focus on countless topics. The great news is that you can access these devotionals all from the app. Download the app today and see what challenges you and points you more towards Christ.
  • Join a Life Group in your Community. Being apart of a life group with others in your community is a great way learn more about God, grow as a person, and get support for all that life throws at you. There are groups for families and singles alike. Check out a group in your area.
  • Go on an upcoming mission trip. I love mission trips. My life was changed on a mission trip when I was a teen and the great news is that New Life offers a variety of trips each year, both within the United States and beyond. Check out the different options and pray to see if this year one of these trips is just what you need.
  • Serve in the community. Whether it is serving somewhere in New Life, through our community outreaches, or serving the community directly, there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your faith through service. If you are struggling to find out what you can do and where God can use you, take this quick assessment to Find Your Spot.

Every year the new year brings a ton of excitement and promise. While it may seem natural to focus on some of the more “common” goals, prayerfully consider one of these next steps of faith. It could be just what you need to start the new year fresh and experience a year unlike any other that you’ve had before.


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