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March 27, 2014

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In the fall, the Student Ministry hosted our 1st nZone Rave. Conceived by our Campus Pastor Mike Fewster as another way to get more students to experience the nZone and New Life, we worked together with the sound and creative team to give high school students an experience they have never had before at the nZone. When it was all said and done, many of the students from the Riot Student Ministry came out and brought some friends with them. It was a very good first attempt at a dance party at the nZone.

rave 1We’ve taken what we learned from the fall nZone Rave and decided to put together another Rave for this spring.

“Tom, could you refresh my memory, why are we doing a ‘Rave’ again?”

Good question. We are doing a Rave in hopes that we will be able to help more students discover God. How will they do that? By coming to a safe place where they can have fun time and are greeted by friendly adults who genuinely care about them. It is our hope that they would have such a fantastic time that they would want to come back to the nZone and continue to ask questions about what makes this place different than any other place. Next thing you know they start to discover why New Life built a sports facility for the community and how God has a great plan for their life.

“Ok Tom, this sounds like a good idea. How can I help?”

Another great question!  There are actually lots of ways you could help.  We could use help with:

  • Converting the Basketball courts into a Dance party environment
  • Registration Table
  • Photographer and Social Media post person
  • “Bouncer” and Crowd Control

rave 2One of the many things I love about New Life Christian Church is our desire to try new activities and events in hopes of helping people discover God.  The nZone Rave is one of those events.  If this strikes a cord you with and you desire to help out in some way, please contact [email-obfuscate email=”” link_title=”Tom Pounder”]

You can also help us out by liking and/or following our Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Instagram).  Spread the word!

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