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December 4, 2014

NLCC LogoDear friends,

How do you see God at work in your life?

Have you ever noticed that dramatic doesn’t equal important? The Super Bowl is dramatic. Another Redskins’ quarterback controversy is dramatic. But in a year, most people won’t remember who won the Super Bowl, and most lives won’t be significantly changed by drama at Redskins’ Park. By contrast, nothing is more important than the way we answer this simple question: How do you see God at work in your life? That is the essence of life. That is the stuff eternity is made of.

New Life’s work is to help people discover God; to discover God is at work right now and to discover how to fully cooperate in the work He is up to in their lives each day.

As 2014 quickly draws to an end, we have so much to be grateful for. Some of what God is doing is dramatic, some is not so dramatic, but it is all reason to be grateful.

We are grateful for dramatic growth. Attendance is up again by 200 people per week this year. Our Linton Hall campus moved locations and grew dramatically.

Last year over 400,000 people used the nZone—most of whom do not come to New Life. God is using the nZone to expand our service impact in our community and to help us lead people to know Christ. New people attend nearly every week as a result of using the nZone.

This year, the nZone captured the attention of officials in Prince William County. PW leaders are eager for us to open an nZone/New Life in the Gainesville area. We need everyone to pray about this! It is an opportunity so great that if God isn’t in it, it won’t happen; but, if God is leading, He will do more than we can see.

This year we started an on-line campus. Every week over 100 devices log-in. At any time, 2-6 may be watching from any single device. (The math on that is impressive!) Some of those people are NLers traveling. Some are NLers who have moved to foreign countries. Others are local people using the online experience as a first step before attending in person.

God is at work dramatically at NLCC. During the upcoming weeks we will be sharing some personal stories of God at work in the lives of fellow NLers. Even if your story is not as dramatic as those we are telling, it is no less important. We want to know how God is leading you. Growing you. Comforting you. E-mail us your story at

Of course, all of this is financially demanding. One of the great truths of life is that God is going to be victorious with or without us. The only question is this: what part of the victory will we share?

As the year draws to an end, you will be receiving many financial appeals. Prayerfully consider a special year end gift for New Life. Last year, one family generously responded to this appeal and their gift enabled us to build the café this year. Whatever you give makes a difference.

We believe there is no better investment you can make with your charitable giving than through New Life.

We sincerely thank you,

The New Life Leadership Team

P.S. We take our roles as stewards of God’s resources seriously and have enclosed a preview copy of your year-end statement. You can view real-time contribution information at Please review your statement and call Mark (703-222-8836) if you have any questions.

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