There is true power in the forgiveness and redemption that God gives us! Redemption is possible through Christ! Over the next few weeks we are looking at different redemption stories found in the Bible and also looking at Jesus’ road the cross. In this week’s readings and devotionals 3 themes stood out.

Respond to the Power of God

Rahab was not an Israelite. In fact, she was part of the people who lived in Jericho. The same Jericho which God was giving into the hands of Joshua and the Israelites. But Rahab knew the goodness and power of God. She had heard the stories and was ready to give her life over to God and follow Him. So, that is what she did in Joshua 2:1-21 by hiding the Israelite spies. For her act, the Israelites promised protection when Jericho fell. That promise was fulfilled in Joshua 6:25. In addition to this, Rahab became part of the lineage of Jesus. Hear her redemption story here.

God provides Redemption Opportunities 

No matter how you lived your life, God always provides redemption opportunities throughout your life. Samson, who was born blessed by God, with great strength, used that strength for his own purposes and glory. However, after he was betrayed and thrown into prison, he asked God for one chance for redemption and to bring glory to God in Judges 16. See what God did and how Samson responded in this devotional.

God Redeems Despite our Past

David was a man after God’s own heart. In fact, that is part of the reason why God choose David to be the King of Israel. And while he did many great things in God’s name, he also made a series of terrible decisions resulting in an affair and murder of one of his soldiers. But, as with all of us, God forgives and redeems us. David was confronted and asked for forgiveness. While there were still consequences to his sin, he was forgiven. See how and what this means for us today in this devotional.


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What are you learning from these redemption stories? How have you been encouraged? Share below.