What We Can Learn from Times of Solitude

May 8, 2023


Spiritual disciplines are designed to help you grow in your faith as you put into practice certain disciplines. Recently, we have been studying these disciplines in hope that by learning about them and trying them each day, you will grow closer to Christ. Here are 3 lessons learned from the past week that focus on solicitude, prayer and submission to God that can encourage you in your life and faith.

You Can Be Content With Where You Are

How content are you? In Philippians 4:11-13, Paul talks about how he has learned to be content in every situation he has been in. And that says a lot considering that Paul was put into prison multiple times, beaten for his beliefs and going from place to place relying to the kindness of other believers. Are you content in life? Anna Mari gives us more encouragement about this in this devotional.

solitudeBe Open and Honest with God

In Matthew 26:36-46 we witness a moment in time when Jesus is vulnerable. It is a moment just between Him and God, the father, in which Jesus shares how He would desire not to give His life on the cross. He was filled with nerves and anxiety. Yet, He ends His time with God saying, “not my will, but yours be done.” This shows, as Tom highlights in this devotional that you can and should set aside time with God to be open and honest with Him.

Say “YES” to Following Jesus Daily   

As a believer, when you commit to following Jesus you are choosing to say “YES” every day to follow Him. What does this mean in what we do and who we choose to follow daily? Look at Matthew 5:33-37 and be encouraged in this devotional.

Learning about and trying these different spiritual disciplines can help you grow in your faith. To be part of this group, text the word “Faith” to 703-454-5990. In addition to this, to be part of other Bible Study encouragement groups where you can pick out other Bible Studies to do throughout the year, go to this page.

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