The coronavirus has changed the way we do life these days. It has put a lot of our lives on hold as we’ve been trying to figure out what we can and cannot do. While it may still be confusing, we do not have to let the virus impact making memories with our families this summer. Here is a list of activities you can STILL do that will create some family fun. (Because hours, capacities, and amenities are constantly changing due to changing regulations, be sure to check out a sites web page or call before heading out.)

Check out the local monuments and museums. There are plenty of places in the DC area that you can go and visit…a lot of them outside (here are 10 of them).

Sample random Ice Cream shops. Ice cream is always a nice treat for families. Whether it is a small, family owned shop or a place like Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins, go for a random visit, surprise the kids and create fun memories. You may even discover a new favorite flavor!

Explore nature. Visit nature parks or go on a hike with your family or friends. Here are a list in the DC area and some lesser known ones in the Virginia area.

sidewalk chalkSidewalk chalk driveways. Spice up your driveway with some sidewalk chalk.

Help a family in need in your community. Look through your community website or even the community Facebook Group to see who needs help and support. Also, the Next Door app is a great option as well to find those in your community who need help.

Movie night(s). Summer is one of the best times to watch movies. However, most movie theaters are still closed or opened with limited seating and showings. So instead of going to the theater, watch a movie or 10 at home! Make a movie night where you make popcorn, grab some candy and flip on one of the stream services or go to Redbox and rent a movie.

Camp in your backyard. No matter what size yard you have, you can always get a tent out there and go camping with your family. Grab some snacks, some sleeping bags and other fun items you can have include to have a fun family camp out in your backyard.

Create a cooking competitions. Chopped on the Food Network is very popular. Do a version of this in your home or come up with other rules to do a fun competition for your family to come up with a good time together.

Crafts. Crafts are great to get your kids busy and productive. It could be simple coloring (which you can easily download from the web  or from our KidZone page!) or you can get a little more creative with buy some crafts from Michael’s or Oriental Trading and do them with your little ones.

Family game night. There are lots of games you can play with friends or family. You can play online games or some of the classics. The idea is simple, get some snacks, break out some games and get ready for a fun night of laughs and bonding together.

Slip and Slide in your yard. Break out the water hose and put some slip and slides down and have fun in the yard. You don’t even need to get an actual Slip and Slide – there are plenty of DIY version you can find online. Make your own from items from your local home improvement store. It’ll be fun to do it together.

As you can see, while the pandemic may have us down and concerned, that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways we can still have fun and make positive memories with our families.

What else would you add to this list? Have you tried or are planning on trying any of the ones listed above soon? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to here how you are making this summer one to remember!