As we are reading through the Bible this year, it has been great to see how God works in the Old Testament and New Testament daily. For instance, my group is reading through parts of Mark right now. One of the things I was struck by is how often Jesus flips conventional wisdom upside-down. He takes our standard assumptions about power, prestige, godliness and turns them on their heads.

For instance, in this week’s readings between Mark 9:14-12:44, Jesus…

  • challenges people to have childlike faith not impressive credentials
  • notices and elevates the generous poor widow above flashy rich donors
  • touches lepers, heals others and welcomes children and outcasts.

The one thing that always challenges me is when Jesus calls us to serve not be served in Mark 10:45. Being the King of the Universe, He could have come down as royalty and have servants meet His every need. But, that isn’t what He did. He choose to serve the needs of others modeling humility.


Jesus had “unconventional” wisdom, according to our ideas. Yet, His wisdom, as with everything He did, transcends our understanding and gives us clear guidance on how we should live our life. When we realign ideas to Jesus’ framework for living, we gain far more than transient, worldly measures of fame and fortune. We gain joy and meaning. We find purpose in empowering others over self-promotion and build treasures in heaven through generosity and service on earth. Ask God to align your heart to his “unconventional” wisdom and to help you daily to live it out.

This is from one of the passages in the Bible in a Year plans. If you would like to start reading the Bible daily this year, click here for 5 different reading plans.