What to do when you are Bible Stumped

February 2, 2017


Have you ever been stumped by a Bible verse and not known what to do? Or have you been asked a Bible question by a friend and not known the answer?

If you have ever been in these situations, you are not alone. Most of us have felt that way before. Here are a few simple things you can do when you find yourself in this situation.

  1. Be comfortable with “I don’t know,” but use it as an opportunity. Whether you have been studying the Bible a long time or just started, you will no doubt encounter a passage you don’t fully understand. Or a friend of yours will ask you a question about the Bible or Christianity that you just don’t know how to answer. It’s ok to not know the answer…at that moment. Use it as an opportunity to process what the Bible says and how it relates to today’s world. Then…
  2. Do your research. Just because you don’t know the answer at the moment doesn’t mean are off the hook. Do your research and find the answer. And, in this very digital world we live in, it has never been easier to find out the answer to a tough question from a friend or a Bible reference. You can simply go to Google and search your question to see the results. HOWEVER, be careful in what you use as sources. There are some websites that don’t offer sound Bible knowledge. Two great resources to use are Bible Gateway and YouVersion Bible. Still need more?
  3. Ask a Small Group Leader or Campus Pastor. If you don’t know the answer to the question, go to your Small Group/Discussion Group leader or ask your Campus Pastor. They have likely been asked the question before or will know where to find the answer. They might not immediately know the answer, but they will get back to you and are a great resource when you are stumped.
  4. Tell someone. If you were stumped because a friend asked a difficult question, use it as an opportunity to talk about Christ with this person. You’ve done the research and/or talked with someone, share what you found with someone else!

The reality is that in today’s social media world, you will no doubt encounter a time where you are stumped by a Biblical question. Whether it’s a friend’s post, news article, or something you read in the Bible yourself, the great news is there are plenty of resources and people you can use to help you find the answer.

What do you do when you are stumped? Share your thoughts below so we have even more resources to utilized the next time we are stumped.

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