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May 18, 2012

You Version
Did you know that you can follow along on Sunday mornings in a whole new way? We are really excited to be adding a special feature to our Sunday morning service called, “Live Events,” built by YouVersion. So, here’s how you get involved.

First step, head over to YouVersion and create an account for yourself. You know, good old fashioned, username, password, credit card number, social security, blah blah blah! Or you can connect it to your Facebook account as well.

Second step, grab the YouVersion app for your smartphone or smart tablet, device, thing. Then simply log in to your account.

Third step, on the menu of your app click on the “Live” tab.  Then click “Search for a Live Event.”  Type in 20169 for the Haymarket Campus or 20151 for the Chantilly Campus.  This will bring up a listing of events in those ZIP codes.  For Haymarket, the group name is NewLifeHaymarketCampus.  You can even join our group from your Mac or PC.

Fourth step, click the live event for our campus that is coming up and abra cadabra, you’re connected to the Scripture references for that Sundays lesson, you have access to a prayer request tab, a question tab to ask us any question that came to your mind during the morning and even a place to take notes which you can email to yourself to save for later.  It’s a fantastic way to connect with the lessons on Sunday morning and to have access to them during the week.

Live events will be available for one week at a time, from Sunday morning through Saturday evening.  You can check in on the Live Event any time during the week.  Crucial if you happened to be gone that week as well.

So get an account, get the app and discover a whole new way to engage your faith.  Let us know what you think.

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