Welcome to the Chantilly Campus!

Each Sunday you can come worship with us live, in-person at the Chantilly Campus. We are excited that you are thinking of worshiping with us! A couple of quick items:

  • Relax. We don’t bite and odds are whatever you’re nervous about won’t be a problem. For example, if you are more comfortable in jeans or shorts, wear them. Don’t dress up. I won’t. Maybe you should wear your favorite team’s jersey. I can guarantee some other people will. The point is we want you to feel comfortable and welcome so don’t worry, we won’t put you on the spot or stare at you just for being new.
  • Enter around back. That might sound weird but the main entrance of the nZone is around the back side of the building. Once you drive around back you’ll see our main parking lot and our awesome greeting team. In fact, if you put your hazard lights/flashers, our greeting team will direct you to a reserved parking space right up front. Or, just park wherever and come in anonymously. Whatever you prefer. If you want any help finding your way around, ask anyone with a blue shirt and/or blue jacket and they’ll be glad to help.
  • Got kids? Once you you come inside and get your coffee, you’ll find some friendly people down the hallway with computers to help you check your kids into KidZone, our children’s ministry. It’s available during the 9:30 and 11 am services for newborns through 5th grade.

Campus Pastor: Patrick Furgerson

Call me Pat. I’m the Chantilly Campus Pastor and New Life’s Executive Minister. That means that I oversee the entire staff and direct the Chantilly Campus’ efforts to make disciples and serve our community. I’ve been part of New Life since the very beginning and love serving at a church where we are always asking ourselves how we can help you hear and follow Jesus and share with your friends how they can hear and follow Jesus as well. I’d love to meet you so ask for me on Sunday morning or call me at the office (703-222-8836) or so I can answer your questions and learn more about you. I’d truly enjoy that.

Want me to pray for you? Reach out to me directly or submit your prayer request online.

Pat and Kim Furgerson

Pat and his bride of 30 years, Kim.

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