Linton Hall Worship Minister

Volunteer or Part-Time
The Worship Minister helps create engaging worship services and deploys artists to use their gifts for the benefit of the church to the glory of God. This responsibility includes developing bands and visual arts teams. The two primary goals of this position are to engage New Lifers in meaningful worship through song and to prepare their hearts for the messages brought by the teaching team. Secondarily, it is to leverage the arts to help people take next steps ranging from coming to their first church service through becoming wholehearted disciples who live not according to their wills, but the will of Christ.


Family Minister

Part-Time or Full-Time
The Family Minister makes disciple makers among parents and volunteers who raise up disciple makers from the next generations. To do this he/she will train and equip parents as the primary disciples of their children and build like-minded communities of parents to support and encourage each other through the various phases of parenting. This person will develop new and better ways for us to serve parents through age-appropriate teaching and equipping children through high school to embrace Christ as King and His call for them to lead others to hear and follow Him.