Next Steps You Can Take During this Pandemic

August 12, 2020

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It has been almost 5 months since this pandemic has impacted and altered our way of life in so many ways. That is almost half a year! And, by the look of it, this pandemic will continue to impact us for many more months to come.

At first, it was an interesting challenge to be inside and to watch Church Online and connect with others on Zoom. Now, that has tired. People want to get out and resume some sort of normal life, a life like we once had.

But what if this pandemic was a blessing? What if it was a wake up call that the life we once had was not good enough? What if it was God trying to refocus us on what matters most?

The Bible says in Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near.” So what does that mean in the midst of this pandemic? How can you stay strong in your faith and encouraged at what God is doing around us? At this time, let’s draw close to God and see what He does in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Here are some ideas:

Pray. Prayers are powerful and make an impact, not just for the situation we are praying about, but for us as well as we give our thoughts and concerns over to God, letting Him take control. Pray that God would provide you with opportunities to minister and serve your community. Also, pray for the Church, both New Life and all the Churches around the world. Take time also to listen to God’s voice as you pray allowing God opportunities to speak to you.

Stay Engaged. Let’s be honest, being online all the time is hard. But in order to stay connected in community, it can still be very valuable to your spiritual growth. Experience Church Online every Sunday or throughout the week here or get plugged into an online prayer or Small Group here. As you feel comfortable, also look for opportunities to stay engaged in person as well. You can have an in person group or experience Church in person each week. These are great ways you can still stay engaged no matter what is happening around us.

Act on Opportunities. As you pray, ask God to open your eyes to opportunities. While some of the old opportunities we had no longer exist, there are plenty of new ones right in your community.  For instance, have you heard about the Neighborhood Champions opportunity? Our Family Minister, Elinor Kinnier, is working on ways communities can come together and support each other during this time, especially as school starts. Find out more about this amazing opportunity by emailing her.

Keep Giving. Even if time is hard and you cannot personally act on some opportunities, stay committed to giving financially. The needs are different now but ministry is still happening. We have all been blessed by God, keep giving sacrificially to the different ministry opportunities happening now and in the future. If you would like to give today, you can here.

conversationsLook to serve. Were you serving at New Life in some capacity before the pandemic hit? Even though that role may no longer exist or has changed in some way, that doesn’t mean we don’t need you! It’s simply a new game with new roles and opportunities. Can you hold a camera? Are you willing to learn how to edit video? Would you be willing to serve the homeless population? Can you help collect hygiene products for children in need? Find out where the serving needs are and be part of the solution by clicking here.

While the world has changed, God is still at work and there are lots of different opportunities for you to grow in your faith in the months ahead.

What will you do?

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