The Land of New Life

October 23, 2011

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While ramping up for the we decided it was time to give our website and Facebook page a facelift.

If you”ve been around New Life long you already know New Life Christian Church isn”t exactly… um, normal. We”re all about creating safe places for people to discover God, but for us that usually means fun, quirky and kinda, well, bizzare. That”s part of why the Fun Squad truck is dressed up with it”s “urban camo” going around NoVa delivering fun and spreading smiles in our community.

Well we figured it was time for our online presence to get dressed up too so we created “The Land of New Life.” It”s still under construction and probably always will be. But whether you are looking out the window of your spaceship and seeing our home as depicted or simply surfing the web, we hope you find us a safe place to get your questions answered… no matter what they are.

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