Bud Bash III

December 3, 2011

Are you ready for the 3rd Annual Bud Bash?  Well you better get ready because it”s tomorrow! That”s It”s right, December 4th from 6-8pm.

Just what is the Bud Bash? It”s our annual potluck dinner celebrating God giving us the “Bud Building” to build the nZone. No, there isn”t any left over Budweiser but there will be fun for all ages.

So what”s a potluck? It just means that if you can, please bring a dish. Bringing a dish isn”t required but it certainly helps to make sure we have roulette online enough food. To let us know what you can bring, click this link to CCB and simply check the box for the dish you would like to bring.  You can also stop by the cafe table after church tomorrow and see Heather. She”d be happy to give you the full scoop.

Not a chef, no worries.  We also need help setting up and tearing down.  Setup starts at 3pm.

Finally, there”s overflow parking in the Ferguson Enterprises building just behind the nZone. Feel free to park there.

See you tomorrow!

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