The Foundry is Coming!

September 4, 2013

BaltimoreWhat’s the Foundry?  Sounds like a factory where metal is cast into shapes by melting it into a hot liquid and pouring it into a mold – something Tom Pounder does in his spare time.  Although that sounds like some really cool and dangerous fun, it’s not quite the answer we were looking for – but we’re glad you asked!

Foundry LogoThe Foundry is a new church launching in Baltimore on Sunday, September 29th.  New Life’s Passion for Planting (P4P) team has been busy this year helping The Foundry prepare for this big day.  Scott Ancarrow, The Foundry Lead Pastor says, “We are a church that is in and for the city.  We exist to see lives, neighborhoods, and the city transformed by the hope of Jesus.  We love Baltimore, and we want to be a church that makes the city even greater than it is.”

Scott, his wife Amber, and their Launch Team are laying it all on the line for Jesus as they pour their lives into God’s Church at The Foundry and into the people of Baltimore.  Check out this short video to hear the heart of this church planter.

How can you help?  Praying for Scott Ancarrow and The Foundry is the #1 Priority.  Additionally, Passion for Planting is planning to take a team of 10 New Lifers to Baltimore on Sunday, October 20th to help out with Hospitality and Foundry Kids.  If you’d like to be a part of this service project “road trip”, please contact [email-obfuscate email=”” link_title=”email us”].

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