Laughter, compassion, destruction, challenging missions, impossible claims and much more. These are some of what happened during Genesis 15-22. But what does it mean for us today? How do these stories and lessons apply to use today?

As we walk thought Genesis, here are 3 lessons learned from these passages.

God can do the impossible

When the 3 men told Abraham that Sarah would have a child a year from then in Genesis 18, she overheard and laughed. She didn’t believe it. In fact, she laughed. But they responded by saying, “is anything too hard for the Lord?” God can make the possible out of the impossible and he did as Sarah had Issac. Is there something in your life that seems impossible for God to do? Prayerfully go before God and see how he answers it. To watch the devotional on Genesis 18, click here.

Keep moving forward in your faith

In Genesis 19, we see Lot and his family leaving Sodom before it was destroyed. However, they were told to not to look back, but keep looking and moving forward. However, Lot’s wife looked back and she turned to salt. In our spiritual journey it may be tempting to look back at our life before Christ became our savior and remember it with fondness. However, we came to know Christ as our savior because that past life was not as glorious as we remember it to be. Keep moving forward in your faith. It may be tough at times, but use every tough moment to draw you closer to Christ. He will take care of you and provide for you. To watch the devotional on Genesis 19, click here.

Follow God even when it’s difficult

As we learned from Genesis 22, God will ask us to do challenging things. But, as we follow Abraham’s example, if we trust and obey God’s plan, even when it doesn’t make sense, God provides. To see the devotional about Genesis 22, click here.


When we spend time with Christ daily it impacts us and others. That is why we want to provide opportunities for people to know God’s Truth and practically apply it to their lives. At New Life there are a variety of Bible reading plans you can be part of this year. You can be part of the Genesis Series by texting “Genesis” to 703-454-5990 or you can find other devotionals with more in-depth descriptions of each one here.

What are you learning from Genesis 15-22? How have you been encouraged? Share below.