The celebration of Easter serves as an annual reawakening or rededicating of our faith in Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection. It is an amazing celebration of Jesus going from death to life. But as Easter concludes and regular routines restart, the excitement and celebration can get lost. All the spiritual growth you had leading up to Easter can quickly vanish.

So how do keep growing after Easter and keep the momentum that you had in your faith going? Here are some things you can do

How to Keep Growing

  1. BibleRead the Bible Daily. There are lots of great Bible reading plans at New Life offers that will help lead you through reading the Bible daily. In fact, the latest one is reading through the Gospels. If you text “Gospel” to 703-454-5990 you will get 1 chapter from the Gospels each day along with a 1 minute video devo. You can also go here to read the Gospels on your own pace. There are other plans too here.
  2. Continue learning. Beyond reading the Bible daily, look into different classes you can take like “Discovering Discipleship” or be part of a Life Group. There are plenty of online and in person groups available here.
  3. Serve others. Christ calls us to serve others and models it all throughout His life. For us, serving others stretches our faith and allows us to put our talents for God’s use in different ministry areas. You can find a list of some of the service opportunities at New Life here.
  4. Share your story. We all have a story of faith. We all have accepted Christ as our savior for a reason. Share that story with others to encourage them that Christ can bring hope and redemption for them as well. If you are looking to be inspired by faith stories, check out The Third Chair Podcast where people share their own faith stories.
  5. Live in obedience to God. Everyday you have a choice. Do you seek to listen to God and follow His leading or not? Choose to live out your faith by studying the Bible, praying, serving others. Choose each day to follow God, being fully dependent on Him.


The reality of the resurrection isn’t a once-a-year-acknowledgment, but a power continually available! Don’t let the hope of Easter become a shooting star, briefly illuminating your spirit before flickering out. Cultivate habits prioritizing abiding in the very Source of resurrection life itself.