Christmas and New Years were less than 2 months ago and Valentine’s Day is happening now. And you’re telling me it’s already Easter season? As the Easter season approaches, calendars are fill with art projects, spring sports, egg hunts, and more. And that isn’t even mentioning focusing on Church Good Friday and Easter activities.

While activities and events are often highlighted during this time, the Easter season can also be a transformational time in your personal life as you prepare your heart. Prepare your heart? Prepare your heart for what? Easter is arguably the most spiritually significant season on the Christian calendar. It is the time we reflect and remember the sacrifice made for us while also rejoicing his power and victory over the death. Because of the cross, we have forgiveness and experience a grace unlike any other in history. Because of Easter, we know that Jesus can help us overcome all obstacles in our life.

So how can we intentionally prepare our hearts to celebrate Easter with fresh awe, love, gratitude, and purpose? Here are 4 ways.

Here are the 4 that we have starting.

  1. Starting Feb. 17th we have our Road to Redemption Text Group. We did this plan last year and it was really encouraging for people to know and understand that redemption IS POSSIBLE with Christ. Each day we will be sharing a redemption story found in the Bible leading all the way up to Easter. To be part of this group text “Easter” to 703-454-5990.
  2. “Journey with Jesus” Online Bible Study. Walk through the death and resurrection of Jesus in this 40 day study starting Feb. 20th. Click here to be part of it.
  3. Countdown to Easter Facebook Group. We will share recipes, Spring crafts for kids, fun events and a daily Bible reading to encourage us. Click this link to be part of it starting Feb. 15th:
  4. Awaken NOVA. Our desire is to have the over 3.2 million people in the Northern VA area to come to know Jesus. That is why we are spending the days leading up to Easter praying for God to move and we would love for you to be praying with us. If you would like to receive daily prayer prompts and commit to pray daily for the Northern VA area, text “Awaken” to 703-454-5990.


Easter can be a powerful time in your life. This year, use this time as an opportunity to grow in your faith and closer to Christ. Commit to one or more of these plans this year as a way to grow in your faith and share about Jesus to those around you.