Standing firm in your faith can be challenging, especially in today’s world. Recently, we read through Daniel 1-6 in our Prophet’s series and it provides encouraging and inspiring examples of persevering with boldness, conviction and integrity. By examining key moments in Daniel and his friend’s live, we get a blueprint for how to remain steadfast in our faith during these challenging times.

In Daniel 1, we see that Daniel was taken from his homeland and thrown into Babylonian captivity. Despite this, he resolved not to defile himself by eating the non-kosher food and wine provided by the King. Despite the risks of refusing the King’s food, Daniel clung to God’s commands. His faith gave him the courage to suggest an alternate diet, which God honored. Like Daniel, we must resolve in our hearts to follow God no matter how hard our culture pressures us to conform. To watch a short video devotional on Daniel 1, click here.

In Daniel 2, when forced to interpret the king’s dream, Daniel relied completely on God to reveal the true meaning. Daniel made it clear that no human wisdom could unravel the mystery behind the dream. Only God could do it. And He did! We too can boldly rely on God’s revelation and power, rather than human understanding, as we seek to follow Him. To watch a short video devotional on Daniel 2, click here.

Shadrach, Meshach, and AbednegoLater, in Daniel 3, King Nebuchadnezzar demanded all bow down to his golden statue. However, Daniel’s three friends (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) refused because their allegiance was to God alone. They bravely faced the death sentence by being thrown into a fiery furnace, trusting God to deliver them. And He did! This account inspires us to cling to God over human authorities when obedience to Him is on the line. To watch a short video devotional on Daniel 3, click here.

Lastly, Daniel demonstrated unswerving prayer devotion despite decrees against it. We see that in Daniel 6, when Daniel heard about the edict prohibiting prayer, he continued kneeling in front of his open windows, communing with God as was his custom. He refused to hide his relationship with God even when threatened with lions. He knew that God would provide and care for him. And, He did! What boldness we can have in prayer and public acts of worship when following Daniel’s example!


Daniel never took credit for his gifts and abilities. He lived with integrity, serving kings with excellence while keeping his eyes fixed on his true king. His exemplary character and wisdom spoke volumes. In every situation, Daniel and his friends remained humble, declaring their faith respectfully yet unwaveringly. Over and over, they stood unashamedly for God. Despite pressure to compromise, they stayed faithful to what they knew was right. Daniel’s courage came from his deep devotion and commitment to God. As we grow in our own relationship with Him, stand firm, remain bold and stay committed to God in our life. May it be a shining example of how to stand firm to God.


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